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Explore a varied range of apartments with disposition from 1 + kk to 5 + kk

Label Disposition Floors Acreage Balcony /
terrace /
loggia m2
Front garden Cellar Orientation Price with VAT Garage price with VAT Term for moving State Flat detail
A2.1.3N.014+kk3105.30 m2— / — / 19.21.9 m2S,J8.886.000 CZK330.000 Kč2 Q 2021Free
A2.1.5N.014+kk5104.90 m2— / — / 19.21.9 m2S,J2 Q 2021Pre-booking
A2.2.6N.034+kk6105.00 m2— / — / 19.22 m2S,J2 Q 2021Pre-booking
A3.1.2N.014+kk2105.50 m2— / — / 7.62.1 m2S,J2 Q 2021Pre-booking
A3.1.2N.054+kk2106.00 m2— / — / 17.12.8 m2S,J2 Q 2021Pre-booking
A3.1.3N.014+kk3105.70 m2— / — / 7.62.8 m2S,J8.844.000 CZK660.000 Kč2 Q 2021Free
A3.1.6N.014+kk6105.40 m2— / — / 7.62.3 m2S,J9.372.000 CZKv ceně bytu2 Q 2021Free
A3.1.7N.014+kk7105.4 m2— / — / 7.62.1 m2S,J9.300.000 CZK660.000 Kč2 Q 2021Free
A5.3.2N.013+kk276.81 m25.59 / — / —1.59 m2V7.156.850 CZK330.000 Kč4 Q 2021Free
A5.2.3N.013+kk376.43 m2— / — / 4.533.44 m2V,Z4 Q 2021Pre-booking
A5.1.4N.013+kk477.73 m24.72 / — / —2.59 m2V,Z,J4 Q 2021Pre-booking
A5.1.4N.043+kk477.06 m2— / — / 3.852.31 m2V,Z4 Q 2021Pre-booking
A5.3.4N.013+kk477.80 m25.38 / — / —1.77 m2V4 Q 2021Pre-booking
A5.1.5N.043+kk577.06 m2— / — / 3.852.31 m2V,Z4 Q 2021Pre-booking
A5.2.5N.013+kk576.43 m2— / — / 4.532.04 m2V,Z4 Q 2021Pre-booking
A5.3.5N.013+kk577.80 m25.38 / — / —1.73 m2V7.178.000 CZK330.000 Kč4 Q 2021Free
A5.3.7N.013+kk777.80 m25.38 / — / —1.72 m2V7.320.000 CZK330.000 Kč4 Q 2021Free

Indoor useful floor area is the total floor area of all rooms in a flat, that includes: living floor area (bedrooms, living rooms, cabinets), kitchens and kitchenettes, bathrooms, toilets, storerooms, halls etc. Total useful floor area does not include the space under constructional building elements such as load bearing or non-load bearing walls, reinforcing masonry, bathroom or kitchen units, terraces, grassed terraces, indoor gardens, open or enclosed balconies, hard surfaces, and front gardens.

** Total floor area of a flat has been calculated according to the effective law (Decree no. 366/2013 Coll.). It is the total floor area which consists of the total useful floor area, plus the space under load bearing or non-load bearing walls, reinforcing masonry, bathroom or kitchen units i.e. area, which is delimited by perimeter walls of a flat. Total floor area does not include: terraces, grassed terraces, indoor gardens, open or enclosed balconies, hard surfaces, or front gardens.

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